A major part of the Company product portfolio is an extensive range of railway workshop machinery, which is used to service railway networks throughout the world.

Plant for both main line, regional and metro system maintenance is constantly being developed to meet evolving technical requirements and safety standards.

The Group's design and manufacturing facilities enable the Company to offer a total service from initial concept through to site installation and commissioning. All major research and development work is conducted in-house and is supported by a well equipped Computer Aided Design department covering mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineering disciplines.

Railway Wheel Presses

Railway Wheel Presses

HENRY BERRY’s extensive portfolio of machinery provides our customers with the ability to assemble and maintain a wide variety of rolling stock wheels. Our equipment is geared towards... more

Spring Machinery

Spring Machinery

Spring Scragging and Testing HENRY BERRY offers a wide range of machines for applying rapid scrag and test loads to different types of springs, including leaf, coil and chevron interleaved... more

Axle / Wheel Assembly Machinery

Axle / Wheel Assembly Machinery

Ring Fixing Machine Wheels which have replaceable tyres are fitted with a retaining (Gibson) ring, which secures the tyre to the wheel centre. The ring fixing machine both rolls and applies... more

Complete Turnkey Projects

HENRY BERRY’s success is based on technical innovation, providing effective and efficient solutions to the railway industry. The Company has an international reputation for systems integration, successfully interfacing railway workshop machinery with microprocessor or PLC controlled handling and loading equipment. Special projects completed by HENRY BERRY range from the supply of complete sleeper reconditioning plants (detailed below), through to smaller turnkey packages involving machinery fitted with gantry and crane handling systems.

Sleeper Reconditioning Plant

Plant is available for the reconditioning of steel sleepers, which have become distorted through natural wear and tear. The complete system incorporates the following features.
  • PUSHER FURNACE – The sleepers are indexed through the furnace, which heats the sleepers to around 800 degrees centigrade.
  • HYDRAULIC PRESS – The press re-forms the heated sleepers and punches holes for rail clips.
  • SLEEPER DIES – Male and female dies are designed to suit the sleeper profiles, and are water-cooled.
  • COOLING CONVEYOR – An electrically driven conveyor carries the sleepers for coating with bitumen.
  • RAIL TRACK – Defective sleepers are carried to the plant on trucks and then taken to a storage area from the end of the conveyor.

Other Workshop Machinery

Rail Twisting Machine

In order to ensure maximum railway safety, rail twisting machinery needs to operate within very tight tolerances. The HENRY BERRY range of rail twisting equipment is capable of imparting a twist in all standard rails to an accuracy of 0.1 degree, thereby meeting the technical requirements of the Company's international customer base.

Axle Box Presses

These machines are of robust construction and are designed for assembly and stripping of axle box bearings on wheelsets. They are wheel mounted for maximum mobility and have handwheel weight adjustment. The mounting press features alignment sleeves and resistance arms, which engage behind the wheel. The removal press has a puller frame fitted with gag plates profiled to suit the axle boxes.