Hallamshire Engineering has an internationally recognised CNC & NC drilling facility on its   Sheffield site offering a range of quality products. Alongside this product range, Hallamshire provides a sub-contract service for the production of drilled holes in plate, tube and other sections.

Over 60 year's experience in this market provides great expertise in drilled perforation technology and our continual improvement programme ensures that the latest tooling and techniques are utilised in product production.  This in turn ensures that customers are provided with the best quality products at competitive prices.

Multi-Spindle Head technology has also been utilized by Hallamshire for many years in order to provide hole and pattern integrity throughout the drilled area thus ensuring maximum plate stability.

Unlike holes produced by a punching operation, drilled holes can be provided with different cross-sections i.e. cylindrical, bi-cylindrical, conically tapered, countersunk, counterbored etc

Main Market Sectors include:-

The above products areas are high precision drilled, sometimes fabricated, and fully machined components and often a critical part of a filtration system therefore they undergo rigorous quality inspection procedures throughout the production process.

Hallamshire aims to provide :-

  • Accurate High Quality Product
  • Technical Backup
  • On Time Delivery
  • Competitive Prices