Compaction is by vibration combined with hydraulic pressure to give consistent results and optimum cement usage. The two standard ranges include the MK20 and MK4 Paver and Block Machines.

MK20 - Paver & Block Machines

The MK20 static concrete block making machine from Fielding and Platt offers complete flexibility in concrete product manufacture. Combining versatility with robust, simple construction and design to accept various mould types, it can manufacture a wide variety of products to the strength and quality that the market requires, using a semi-dry concrete mix. Where higher output and lower unit costs are the priorities, the Fielding & Platt MK20 block making machine is the ideal choice.

Fielding and Platt offer a variety of machine options ranging from manual operation to highly automated equipment. Our services range from the supply of the block making machine and auxiliary equipment to the design, supply and commissioning of complete turnkey installations.

MK4 - Paver & Block Machines

The MK4 machine is available in two options dependent on mould area. It is robust, simple yet comprehensive in design and of low capital cost. Manually operated, it has simple feeding and block handling arrangements.
The range, because of its simplicity, is ideally suitable for operation by unskilled labour and requires little maintenance. The MK4 machine gives excellent compaction resulting in consistent, dense products. It is ideally suited for low volume output particularly where special blocks are required to support larger volume sales.

Furthermore, the machine can be supplied with a diesel engine for powering the vibrator for use in areas with no electrical supply.