Over the years the Rhodes Autoclaves have designed and manufactured autoclave systems for the rubber curing industry including rubber rollers, tyre re treading, and industrial drum lining. In recent years we have worked alongside a specialist rubber roller company, Rollertech Ltd, allowing our partnership to offer a broad range of autoclave systems to meet the needs of the rubber industry. 

We provide either vertical or horizontally orientated machines which are individually engineered for simple integration into every customer’s production facility. Our rubber curing systems are designed for batch processing, we offer adaptable loading systems that make the handling and transfer of heavy component parts simple and efficient.

Rubber Curing Rubber Curing

The process control options we offer allow all our customers the choice of a heating medium and insulation system to suit individual applications. Whether steam, electric or gas heating is required we ensure consistent results are achieved every time. Our rubber curing control system packages range from simple pressure and temperature profile controllers with optional chart recording to fully traceable SCADA based systems. Safety devices are designed to be fully compliant with current legislation.

Specification Options:

  • working temperature up to 400 degrees C
  • working pressure up to 20 bar
  • 0.5m to 5m working diameter
  • 1m to 30m working length
  • Built to comply with PD5500 or EN13445 or ASME VIII pressure directives
  • fully CE marked
  • fully compliant with PM73 safety guidelines
  • SCADA based control systems or simple temperature and pressure profile controller packages
  • heating medium: electric, gas or steam
  • vertical or horizontal orientation to suit production needs
  • manual or fully automatic door systems
  • product loading systems, jigs and fixtures to suit
  • Specialist Loading systems
  • Compressor systems
  • Steam boilers
  • comprehensive user manual
  • comprehensive training packages
  • Full turn key installations