PLC & PC Control system

The PLC Control System provide network capability, while remote access via modem link is also available as an optional extra enabling remote diagnosis of machine and progress faults from head office. HMI units (Human Machine Interface) on a pendent arm makes the system extremely user friendly and provides the system with the capability for full diagnostic packages, receipts, networking packages and SCADA systems.

Slab & Kerb Tooling

In general the term “tooling” is used to describe the parts required to produce a particular component and comprises the following key components:

  • The mould assembly, which corresponds to the size and shape of the finished product
  • The die assembly which is attached to the ram
  • The ejector assembly which is attached to the ejector ram
  • The vacuum plate assembly, which is attached to the take off carriage. (Following pressing the “green” product is then placed on a tilt table, rotated through 90º and edge stacked onto a pallet).

Typical Tooling

Tooling is available from Fielding and Platt for a wide range of standard products. Our extensive in-house design and manufacturing capability can also provide tooling to suit specific customer requirements. The tooling units are interchangeable between single mould and triple mould presses. When a range of similar products is required, many of the tooling components are common to more than one product.

Special Moulds

Fielding and Platt supply standard and special mould tooling for the production of oversize paving, special radius kerbstone moulds, kerbstone corner pieces, grain silo liners and steps complete the range. Almost any product is possible within the mould area of 1000 mm x 610 mm x 200 mm high.

Step Moulds are used to produce L-Shaped pavement and drop-down curbs.
Quadrant moulds are used to simultaneously produce four-small blocks, commonly used for decorative purposes and driveway