As one of a few companies in the world capable of manufacturing Hot Joggling Presses. Group Rhodes machines are typically used to form “hot joggles” in aluminium alloy extruded section stringers.

The stringers are used as fuselage panel stiffening members, which are extensively fitted on lightweight aircraft such as the Bombardier Learjet aeroplane.

Group Rhodes Hot Joggling presses are available up to 50 tonnes. They are usually down-stroking C-frame forming presses complete with accurately heated die sets. The die set, which operates at 180 Deg C, is capable of accepting a range of tooling inserts to accommodate various extruded profile sections. The presses are also fitted with an integrated adjustable stroke stop assembly as a means of accurately locating the joggle from a predetermined datum. The accuracy of the stroke stop assembly guarantees joggles are positioned to within 0.05 mm.

The Benefits

Provides the accurate manufacture of stringer sections, essential for lightweight aircraft production.

Typical Products Produced

Aircraft stringer components.