Rhodes Autoclaves take pride in our products, every automotive autoclave we supply is designed and manufactured to meet the demands of our customers. Through product development and testing we deliver a fully engineered and proven solution, capable of operating in the most demanding manufacturing environment, where efficiency and product quality is of paramount importance.

By carefully selecting and fully testing every component part we use, from proportional fluid control valves through to our user friendly SCADA based software package, we ensure that repeatable and consistent results are achieved every time.


We recognise that achieving the highest standards of machine performance is essential; however, of equal importance is an innovative approach that allows us to offer individually tailored solutions for every client. Depending on your requirements, Rhodes Autoclaves are determined to find a solution that meets both your specification and budget. We have experience in dealing with standalone autoclaves,  full turnkey installation solutions, fully integrated closed loop cooling systems, leading brand compressor packages, and  standalone vacuum systems.

Specifications Options:

  • working temperature up to 400 degrees C
  • working pressure up to 20 bar
  • 0.5m to 5m working diameter
  • 1m to 30m working length
  • electric or gas heating
  • built to comply either  PD5500 or EN13445 or ASME VIII pressure directives
  • fully CE marked
  • fully compliant with PM73 safety guidelines
  • SCADA based control systems
  • Dual loop profile controllers
  • number of vacuum connections
  • number of product thermocouples required
  • calibration thermocouples
  • manual or fully automatic door systems
  • nitrogen pressurisation
  • variable vacuum systems
  • fully integrated cooling
  • component loading and handling systems
  • compressor systems
  • drawbridge or scissor lift systems
  • autoclave facia systems
  • comprehensive training packages
  • comprehensive user manual
  • full turnkey installations