The HME Minting press range includes the K-Series of Knuckle Joint Under-Drive Coining Machines and the new HME high speed Coinmaster 4™ press, designed for the production of coinage for circulation.

The HME K-Series offers a market leading solution to a wide variety of coining, embossing, forming and sizing operations. Available in 180, 360 and 600 tonnes capacity, HME K-Series presses are able to emboss a range of exotic materials, including Silver, Gold and Platinum, making them ideally suited for the production of medals and proof coins. 

HME K-Series Minting machines are designed and built for quality, value and reliability. Compact frame construction minimises deflection through equal distribution of load, whilst pre-loaded linear bearings provide slide guidance promoting accurate die alignment. Pneumatic slide balancing, motorised top tool wedge adjustment and a multi-strike facility ensures a high degree of proof coin detail.

The all new and patented Coinmaster 4™ homogenous and bi-metal coining press sets new standards in minting press performance. Based on the revolutionary new Twin-Link drive system, the Coinmaster 4™ offers fully variable operating speeds of 350 – 850 strokes per minute, state-of-the-art blank control and the latest in networked I/O machine control systems.

The Coinmaster 4™ has been designed in close cooperation with the Royal Mint in order to ensure that it meets the demands of today’s modern high speed minting operations. New technologies have been carefully introduced to protect industry standards, thereby ensuring that the new generation of HME Coinmaster™ presses can efficiently operate alongside minting presses of other makes.

The HME K-Series

Maximum pressure (tonnes) 180 360 600
Maximum Stroke (mm) 50 60 100
Top Tool Adjustment (mm) 7 7 7
Speed (strokes per minute) 65 40-80 35
Main Motor (KW) 15 22 30
Net Weight (kg) 6000 10000 12200

HME Coinmaster 4TM-HSC 160

Nominal Rating 1600 KN
Maximum Coin Diameter 34 mm
Maximum Coin Thickness 3.5 mm
Stroke 8.5 mm
Number of Strokes (Variable) 300 to 850 spm
Crawl Speed 30 spm
Tool Holder Adjustment 4 mm
Ejector Force 30 KN
Ejector Stroke 6.2 mm
PressPress with Enclosure
Width 1770 mm 2080 mm
Depth 1870 mm 2210 mm
Height 2520 mm 2780 mm
Net Weight 9000 kgs 9400 kgs