Ring Fixing Machine

Wheels which have replaceable tyres are fitted with a retaining (Gibson) ring, which secures the tyre to the wheel centre. The ring fixing machine both rolls and applies a load to the lip of the tyre to lock the retaining ring in position. The hardened pressure roller is driven by a hydraulic motor.

A separate machine is available for rolling the retaining ring from bar, prior to location in the tyre.

Gravity Wheel Drop Units

This machine has been developed to prevent scoring when separating the wheel from the axle. A large weight is located under the suspended wheelset by means of adjustable jaws. When high-pressure oil is injected at the wheel/ axle interface, the wheel is released and drops with the weight.

Train Wheels and Rolling Stock Accessories

HENRY BERRY can provide train wheels in a variety of materials, including synthetic composites. The Company also supplies a wide range of rolling stock accessories such as axles, brackets, roller disks and gears.