Beauford Engineers designs and manufactures medium to heavy mechanical handling equipment for transporting and manipulating components up to 150 tonnes, predominantly for the metals processing and nuclear industries. Beauford Engineers has extensive experience in all aspects of the aluminium, steel and nuclear industries, and is capable of tailoring handling systems to suit customers’ exact requirements.

Group Rhodes accredited to ISO 3834 Part 2 for the Fabrication and welding

All fabrication work is
certified in accordance
with ISO 3834 Part 2

Group Rhodes accredited to BECBC
Transfer Cars and Bogies
  • Flask Transfer Bogies
  • ROVs
  • Drum Transfer Bogies
Shield Doors
  • Rising Shield Doors (80 tnes)
  • Personnel Access Doors
  • Seal Hatches
  • Sliding Shield Doors
  • Hinged Shield Doors
  • Gamma Gates
In Cell Cranes
  • 5 tonne Drum Cranes
  • Puck Handling Cranes
  • Grabs and Grapples
  • 10 tonne Flask Cranes
  • 10 tonne Vault Cranes
In Cell Equipment
  • Retrieval Equipment
  • Fuel End Crop Equipment
  • Drum Posting Machines
  • Stillage Posting Machine
  • Flask Maintenance Facility
  • Plugs and Liners
  • Pump Laydown Equipment
  • Hulls Metering Equipment
  • Waste Transfer Cells
  • Through Wall Drives
  • In Cell Tools
  • Size Reduction & Compaction