Specialist in the bespoke design of mechanical and hydraulic presses.

The company is renowned for supplying high quality, state of the art machinery. Standard models of Mechanical and Hydraulic presses, offered in both Open Front and Double Sided designs sit alongside highly specialised machinery in the Rhodes portfolio.

The company regularly exports approximately one third of its turnover to over thirty countries each year, and Joseph Rhodes products are also manufactured abroad under licence. The export market is served by a UK based export manager who liaises with an organisation of distributors and agents in most leading countries, although the majority of exported machines are sold directly to the customer from the UK.

Expansion over recent years has seen Rhodes acquire synergistic Metalforming Machinery companies such as Bentley, HME, HME Minting, Cowlishaw Walker and Dualform (see main menu). In addition, new product lines are continuously under research for which Patents and International Machine Tool Awards have been gained.

The extensive Metalforming Machinery product range includes:

  • Mechanical Presses
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Minting Machinery
  • Punching Machinery
  • Mechanical Shears
  • Hydraulic Shears
  • Folding Machinery
  • Extrusion Presses
  • Special Purpose Machinery