Pelletisers, Single and Double Shafted Mixers, Pug Sealers and Briquette Presses are amongst the Company’s range of Reclamation machinery.

The Double Shafted Mixers are capable of outputs up to 100 tonnes per hour, depending on the model selected.

All mixers are fitted with specially designed and fully adjustable mixers knives, which allow the pitch of the knives to be varied to give optimum retention time. Drive is through a reduction gearbox, and air operated clutches enable automatic sequence control. An automatic water spray system is fitted as standard, and if required the mixers can be adapted to allow steam tempering for added flexibility. A range of Single Shafted Mixers is also available.

The main types of Shredders offered by Rhodes Environmental include:

  • Pelletizer
  • Mixers
  • Pug-sealers
  • Autoclaves
  • Briquette Presses