Group Rhodes to exhibit new DS2 Mechanical Press at MACH 2010, Hall 4, Stand 4630

Group Rhodes is to display its new range of Mechanical Presses at the MACH 2010 exhibition.
The Rhodes DS2-160, a straight sided, double cranked, 160 tonne mechanical press has been completely revamped to improve productive output and efficiency. The press, which boasts the new generation of Rhodes control systems, is designed specifically with two-point suspension to provide a larger working bed area to cater for specialist tooling. Furthermore, the two-point suspension ensures even distribution of the nominal tonnage and helps to accommodate any offset loading on large progression tools.
The DS2-160 incorporates a motorised slide and variable speed drive to extend the versatility of the press. The fitting of an inverter allows the acceleration of the high-efficiency main drive motor to be controlled such as to obviate the huge peak demand currents associated with star-delta starting of an attached flywheel. This means that it is cost efficient to shut down the main motor in idle periods and the software is designed to do this automatically when an idle state is detected. 
An additional unique feature is the enclosure of the double helical gears within the press body. Noise, besides being a pollutant is also a usage of energy. The use of double helical gearing reduces the noise energy losses at source. Enclosing the gearing within the body fabrication rather than encasing in sheet metal guards further limits the emanation of any remaining sound.
Furthermore, a high performance, low inertia combined friction clutch and brake unit allows a fast single stroke rate with the minimum of heat build-up. This ensures increased operational output when operating with either pitch and trip or automatic feeding equipment. The pneumatic slide balance guarantees smoothness of operation and extended die and bearing life at all speeds.
Also on display will be audiovisual and graphical illustrations of the acclaimed range of Rhodes Super Plastic Forming and Diffusion Bonding (SPF/DB) Presses. Recently winning the highly prestigious 2010 Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in the Innovation category, the Rhodes SPF/DB range of presses have helped to revolutionise the forming of metals in the Aerospace and Automotive industries. The latest presses have served to improve both the efficiency and output of the forming process, while at the same time dramatically reducing energy consumption and waste. 
Renowned for their ability to design and manufacture quality and bespoke CNC and PLC Metalforming Machinery, Joseph Rhodes is one of a very few companies capable of supplying both Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses. All major research and development work is conducted in-house and is supported by a well equipped Computer Aided Design Department covering mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and software engineering disciplines. The 30,000 sqm Wakefield site also boasts excellent fabrication, machining and fitting departments ensuring that all aspects of machine build are controlled to Rhodes quality and safety standards which have achieved international (ISO9001 & ISO 14001) and European (CE) certification.