Rhodes Interform Extends Range with Guillotine Equipment by Leading German Manufacturer

Rhodes Interform Limited, part of Group Rhodes of Wakefield, has embarked on a new working partnership with German manufacturer Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau GmbH to act as UK and Ireland distributors for its range of Guillotine Shears, in addition to its Hydraulic Folding Machines that it already distributes.

The Dr. Hochstrate Plate Shears are known for their sturdy and robust folded and welded steel construction, which makes them lighter in weight compared to conventional machines and ideally suited to the sheet metal industries. Due to ongoing design and development from Dr Hochstrate, the Hydraulic Plate Shears are amongst the most accurate machines in their class.

The Plate Shears can be selected to cut material from 1 to 25mm in thickness and a cutting length from 1000 to 8000mm. They can shear such materials as mild or stainless steel, copper, polycarbonate, molybdenum, magnesium, aluminium and plastics.

These shears have been continuously improved in collaboration with local universities and colleges, optimising the precision and the range of functions of the machinery, enabling them to set new industry standards.

It was important for the machines to be easy and comfortable to operate, as a result all are equipped as standard with an intuitive touchscreen control. This means there is a shorter training period for operators which in turn leads to fewer errors in the setting of the machine.

The full length “hold down” prevents prints and markings and protects the surface of the sheets when cutting. The Shear is also equipped with modern LED lighting technology for shadow line cutting and has clear polycarbonate finger guards for maximum visibility. To the rear of the machine the operators are protected by a light guard.

The Plate Shears are supplied as standard with a 1000mm squaring arm, and simple sheet supports, roving footswitch with Estop, full tank of Hydraulic Oil and fast easy change rotatable shear blades. In addition to this, the low maintenance hydraulic technology results in an extremely versatile machine. The Shear is fully CE Compliant and conforms to all current PUWER Legislation.

Extensive special equipment is available such as 1250mm motorised back gauge, hydraulic sheet support systems, motorised blade gap adjustment with integral thickness detector, return to sender and conveyors with a sheet stacking function.

Due to its versatility, the Guillotine Shears are well suited to be used as a production shear for steel stockholders or equally in a small jobbing shop where multiple quick set ups are required. When cutting thicker plate, associated material handling equipment can be supplied to complement the Shears.

Dr. Hochstrate Maschinenbau is located in the Ennepe-Rhur area of Germany and was originally a supplier of components for the coal mining industries, before starting to manufacture Folding Machines over 40 years ago. The company has honed its expertise and has become one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of machinery for the sheet metal processing industries.

For more information, contact 01942 371161.