Increased Sales of Refurbished Clayworking Machinery

Following the successful installation of several hundred new and refurbished clayworking machines throughout the world, in particular the Middle and Far East, Craven Fawcett Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer of Clay Preparation Machinery, has received another order to supply a refurbished combined 17-21 De-Airing Extruder and Pug Sealer to Arab Company, KEPCO.

One of the largest manufacturers of clay and concrete products in the Middle East, KEPCO (based in Egypt) has purchased a number of Craven Fawcett machines, which are used to produce clay pipes and pressed bricks. The heavy-duty 17-21 De-Airing Extruder and Pug Sealer will be used to extrude Refractory Bricks, Acid Resistant Bricks and Insulating Fire Bricks.

The selection of a Craven Fawcett Extruder was based on the machines excellent reputation for stiff extrusion of abrasive materials. The 17-inch diameter Extruder and Single Shafted Mixer/Pug Sealer is ideal for processing difficult clays, and will produce up to 18,000 perforated bricks or hollow blocks per hour. Encompassing a large De-Airing chamber with single packer to reduce bridging, the extruder includes wear resistant Augers of 28% chrome alloy and chrome mixer blades of variable pitch.

To suit customer production line requirements, the machine can be supplied as a tandem unit, or the Extruder can be installed at right angles to the Single Shafted Mixer/ Pug Sealer. The gears are machine cut and totally enclosed in cast iron gear-case to prevent damage, while the double reduction gearing gives the advantage of smaller pulleys and higher speed motors.

As part of the current heightened awareness of the benefits of machine rebuilds in terms of increased productivity and reduced costs, Craven Fawcett has a proven ability to refurbish a full range of clayworking machinery, including equipment of other makes.