Complete supply and replacement of conveyor products for harvesting

Tony Walters, Sales Engineer at Hallamshire Engineering Services, looks at how to avoid costly downtime of conveyor systems at harvest time.

“It’s coming up to the busiest time of year in the vegetable farmer’s calendar – harvest time.  It’s when time is at a premium, crops have to be harvested quickly and any downtime needs to be kept to a minimum.

That’s when you need a conveyor pulley, roller and drum supplier you can trust.  Pulleys and drums are essential as they ensure extended life, efficiency and trouble-free operation of the conveyor belt.

Here at Hallamshire Engineering Services, we have extensive experience in manufacturing pulleys, rollers and drums for conveyor systems to meet customers’ specific requirements.  We have been a supplier to the agricultural, marketing gardening, food processing and distribution sectors for the past 20 years, supplying producers of peas, carrots, potatoes and many other vegetables from our advanced engineering factory in the heart of Yorkshire.  Our design department is able to undertake full calculations based on the conveyor design parameters supplied by the customer, offering a complete service.

Adverse weather conditions, insufficient angle of wrap, poor specification and many other issues can increase the possibility of slippage between pulley and belt (usually the drive pulley).  In these cases wear can occur to the pulley and therefore we offer a wide range of pulley coverings, for example rubber – either plain or diamond pattern, Nitrile, Ceramic inserts and others.  These increase the coefficient of friction at the pulley to belt interface and improve wear and slippage influences. Our Pulleys are supplied with either a crowned or flat profile; slight crowning during the final machining process aids belt tracking and over tensioning of the belt edges, for long lasting performance. 

We have a proven track record in the design and manufacturer of bespoke conveyor pulleys, rollers and drums with high quality in-house manufacturing processes to ensure they can withstand high belt tensions and shock loads.  In addition, we offer slatted and spiral drums to meet customers’ exact requirements.


We also help our customers to avoid costly breakdowns of their conveyor systems around harvest time.  We can replace damaged parts and provide maintenance of existing components, with competitive lead times.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their conveying of potatoes and other vegetables runs as smoothly as possible, with expertise in ensuring minimum bruising or spillage.”

So, for all your conveyor drum, roller and pulley requirements, call our team on 01924 37 11 61 or email”