Beauford Engineers receive orders close to £1.5 million resulting from the new UK CVF Royal Navy Ai

Britain’s new generation of aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales are expected to enter service in 2016 and 2018. Three times larger than the 20,000t UK Invincible class carriers, the two new vessels will each carry 1200-plus personnel, 36 F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and four EH-101 Merlin helicopters. By utilizing two 70-ton lifts the carriers will be able to deploy 24 planes into the air in 15 minutes. 
Following the successful completion of 12 VDM 25000 cubical shell assemblies to house the guidance systems on the first aircraft carrier, Beauford Engineers recently received a repeat order for the second aircraft carrier. Manufactured to high tolerances and stringent quality controls, the shell assemblies are designed to withstand the incredible forces generated by the take-off and landing of military aircraft.
To win the initial order, the specialist fabrication company proved its manufacturing capability and expert labour resource pool were superior to national rivals. As the 12 shell assemblies were completed to the technical accuracy and quality required, on schedule and to budget, Beauford Engineers demonstrated they were cleary the right choice to supply the housing assemblies for the second aircraft carrier. 
Barry Richardson, Sales Director at Beauford Engineers is thrilled to be playing a part in the new generation of aircraft carriers. He comments: “We are delighted to be a part of this exciting project, a decision that reflects our team’s unrivalled experience of technical fabrications in carbon and stainless steels. “
“The secret to our success is the accuracy and durability of our fabrications and welding, which our customers know they can rely on.”
Beauford Engineers is able to offer a one stop shop for sub sea oil and gas structures, VDM cubicles, as well as real product added value in the machining and assembly processes. The company is part of the extensive Group Rhodes production facility, which includes comprehensive Design, Machining and Fitting departments. Over its 180 year history, Group Rhodes has gained a reputation for its innovative product ranges, with four divisions that cover specialities in metal forming, material handing, clay working machinery and special purpose machinery.
Barry explains: “Beauford Engineers is going from strength to strength. This is a very specialist marketplace and we have proved ourselves as one of the leaders in the field, offering customers accuracy, durability and added value technical services. The fact that our sister company, Rhodes Interform are involved in the manufacture of the F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, that are to be based on the carriers, is an added bonus.”