International Dimension to Atkin Business

Atkin Automation has worked hard to get an international dimension to its business in recent years. As a result it is worth noting that of the four major projects now in build at our Thetford factory three have an international destination.

The first is being supplied through a UK press manufacturer to a customer in India. This order calls for a 10 tonne x 1350mm x 5mm Press Feed Line with a heavy duty shear and a technically sophisticated 6 high leveller. The project looks set for an on time delivery in late February. The second job is destined for a factory 300 miles east of Moscow and is a repeat of an earlier order. The job is basically a cut to length line except that each length is cut to exactly match the circumference of a “stack”. Atkin invented a machine to measure the circumference and then send the measurements to the rollfeed, emboss the strip and shear it to the precise length required. The next order is destined for Singapore and finally we have a substantial part press Feed Line destined for the UK. Hooray!

Atkin Engineers will attend the customers’ factories for installation and commissioning in due course reflecting Atkin’s commitment to customer service and endorsing our experience that a good installation means fewer warranty issues!