I Didn't Know You Did That

One of the most frustrating things that Atkin staff and particularly sales staff hear is that phrase” I didn’t know you did that”. Despite attending many Trade Shows and extensive Trade Press coverage of new developments, creating an awareness of the great breadth of skills available in Atkin and the machines those skills create, is an ongoing battle.

To give an idea as to some of the areas we cover: shelving bases, backs, uprights and stiffeners, mesh filters, copper bus bars, ceiling tiles, racking and steel frameworks, exhaust pipe components, automotive components, surgical instruments, blades, constructional steel, cut to length lines, stacking systems, transformer cores, foil winders, embossing tools, servo roll feeds, levellers and multi roll levellers, coil holders and coil cars, coil tippers, shears and guillotines and many, many more.

If you have a manufacturing need – talk to us.

Atkin also offers a complete refurbishment and overhaul programme and a range of second hand equipment. One thing in particular we should mention is that we offer a Coilholder mandrel inspection service. Coilholder mandrels do a lot of work and there are instances of a mandrel shearing after some years of use so we recommend a periodic x ray and overhaul just to make sure that your machinery and workforce is safe as it can be. If you have an older coil holder that has done some work please contact us for more information.