Atkin Automation creates manual handling solution for Eltherington

Atkin Automation, part of Group Rhodes based in Wakefield, has recently completed a major project to design and manufacture ‘A’ frame style de-coiling mandrels that completely eliminate manual handling in Eltherington’s production process.


Eltherington, the Hull-based manufacturer of aluminium cladding to the Leisure Industry, was looking for a solution which maintained a quick turnaround between coil changes, whilst completely eliminating manual effort to expand and contract the mandrels.


The company processes a vast range of coloured and textured materials and, in many cases, just a few blanks are cut from each coil.  Atkin Automation’s solution means Eltherington’s production staff can now carry out these regular changes to the coil without operator input, via the ‘A’ frame support system.


Atkin’s Automation’s solution involved replacing all 13 of Eltherington’s existing ‘A’ frame type decoiling mandrels with the addition of Atkin’s standard two stage mechanical gearbox. When used in conjunction with a torque limited battery or pneumatic hand tool this allows quick change-overs with no physical input from the operators.


The units which have a capacity of up to 2000Kg x 1600mm long are also balanced so that the lifting points are in the correct position when at rest for transport and loading via a fork lift tine.


Craig Dunn Eltherington’s Group Manufacturing Director, said: “Our operators are delighted with the new mandrels, which have made our changeovers far simpler and improved overall efficiency in our processes. Atkin Automation has met our requirements exactly and we expect to see production output and efficiency increase as a result.”


Geoff Barker, Sales Manager at Atkin Automation, said: “This project is testament to our design and production expertise in creating bespoke solutions to customer issues.  There is a need to reduce manual handling in many industrial production processes for enhanced health and wellbeing of the workforce, and this solution for Eltherington shows how we can do this whilst also increasing efficiency.”


The company, originally WT Atkin, is renowned for the high quality of its coil processing line equipment and has a long history of serving both UK and international markets, ranging from automotive and white goods to building products.


Atkin Automation is part of Group Rhodes, an advanced manufacturer of capital equipment for the clay working, metal forming and materials handling industries.


Within Group Rhodes there are a number of businesses which provide original equipment manufacture and aftermarket services for different markets including Rhodes Interform, Hallamshire Engineering Services and Craven Fawcett.


For more information please visit the website or contact the Rhodes Interform Technical Sales department on + (44) 1924 37 11 61.


About Atkin Automation

Originally based in Norfolk before its move to Yorkshire in 2014, Atkin Automation has 70 years’ of history in the control of steel strip and manufacture of high quality coil processing equipment, based on the Atkin and BHP product ranges.

Working closely with its customers, Atkin Automation designs and builds bespoke solutions to individual manufacturing requirements.

From its modern UK factory in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Atkin Automation produces coil processing products with punching, notching, shearing, roll forming and other automated equipment to create the production lines demanded by the many manufacturing companies which process high volumes of metal strip during product manufacture.