Boasting an international customer base, the HME Minting press range includes the K-Series of Knuckle Joint Under-Drive Coining Machines and the new HME high speed Coinmaster 4 press, designed for the production of coinage for circulation.

The HME K-Series presses are available in 180, 360 and 600 tonnes capacity, and offer a market leading solution to a wide variety of coining, embossing, forming and sizing operations. These machines are ideally suited for the production of medals and proof coins, and are also used in many other industries where coining operations are required.

The HME Coinmaster Minting machines are designed and built for speed, quality and reliability. The new generation of the high speed HME Coinmaster press (pictured right at a National Mint) produces circulation coins at speeds in excess of 750 coins per minute.