Rhodes Interform, the Group Rhodes business which specialises in bespoke composite and metal forming machinery, has seen a sharp increase in demand for Tuff Brake film, the product which eliminates markings on sensitive metal materials.

Rhodes Interform is the UK and Ireland distributor of Tuff Brake film, an innovative material which, when placed over metal sheet, eliminates press brake die witness marks.  These can be caused by the lower die when used for bending stainless steel, aluminium, sheet metal and pre painted metals.

Steve Jackson, Technical Sales Manager for Rhodes Interform, explains: “Metal manufacturing companies are recognising how Tuff Brake Film can help them to reduce production costs, whilst increasing productivity.  It protects the work piece and dies and means that labour is saved, therefore second operations are avoided.  Ultimately the end result is a better paint finish.”

A spokesperson for Durham Sheet Metal said: “Rhodes Interform’s Tuff Brake is very effective at eliminating contamination and bend marks when forming stainless steel products.”

Tuff Brake Film is available from Rhodes Interform in tough .015″ & .030″ thicknesses. Bespoke sizes are available.  Known for its longevity, the same piece of Tuff Brake Film can be used many times before there is a need to form fresh material, therefore maximising cost effectiveness.

As well as manufacturing state-of-the-art presses, Rhodes Interform reconditions and upgrades existing machines at a fraction of the cost of buying new.  This includes complete machine refurbishments on all Group Rhodes metal forming, material handling, clay preparation and concrete working machinery, as well as undertaking refurbishment work on equipment of other makes. The company can also offer full PLC or CNC control system upgrades with software designed to meet the individual requirements of each customer.

Rhodes Interform’s machine refurbishments offer customers a cost-effective solution to dramatically improve equipment life and increase productivity. The company provides a complete one-stop refurbishment service, from arranging for the machine to be transported to the company’s maintenance facility in Wakefield, through to retrofitting new components and re-commissioning on site.

Rhodes Interform’s parent company Group Rhodes boasts a 200 year metalforming history and has also been manufacturing presses to form composite materials from as early as the 1930s.

The company has won Queen’s Awards for both Innovation and International Trade in recent years, particularly for its work in the aerospace sector.

For more information please visit the website www.grouprhodes.co.uk or contact the Technical Sales department on + (44) 1924 37 11 61.