• ‘D’ Series machines to reduce medium / soft clay, moist clays and shales.
  • Possible alternative to wet or dry grinding mills where the material is friable and does not require working.
  • Fitted with large slow roll with smooth renewable shell.
  • Pivoted small fast roll with renewable hardened breaker bars.
  • Easily adjusted roll gap setting system.
  • Heavy duty spring loaded machine protection.
  • Three sizes of machine available, 500mm, 800mm & 1000mm wide.
  • Feed size of 100 – 150mm is accepted with an output down to 2mm (depending on gap and bar setting).


  • Can complement or replace traditional dry grinding mill(s).
  • Handles materials in the range of 8-12% moisture content (wet basis testing).
  • Feed size 200mm maximum (for best results feed at even rate).
  • Screen bars available with variable spacing to offer variable size output.
  • Final particle sizing by high speed rolls or vibrating screen to suit requirements.
  • Two HM900 & HM1100 models of double rotor design available.
  • Other single rotor models available on request.
Crusher Type M/c Size Material Input (mm) Max Material Output (mm) Throughput (T/ Hr) Power (kW)
Disintegrator D500 D800 D1000 Up to 150 Variable down to 2 to 3 20 to 50 30 to 80 50 to 100 7.5 & 37 7.5 & 55  
Hammer Mill (Double Rotor) HM 900 HM 1100 Up to 200 Variable down to 1 Up to 60 Up to 90 2 x 75 2 x 100