The TENROCKTM product range of hardfacing products offers economic surface enhancement solutions and improved product life expectancy.

As a major supplier in to the heavy clay (brick), concrete and paper industries, all of which incorporate processes that create wear problems, many component enhancements and application improvements have been fully tried and tested.

Major Customers:

  • Ibstock Brick
  • Hanson Brick
  • Wienerberger Group
  • Smurfitt Kappa
  • DS Smith Paper
  • Many others

Hallamshire Engineering is the sole provider of TENROCK hardfaced components.

Hardfacing Spray Powders

There are 2 basic types of powder:-

  1. Base powders with a hardness scale of 20 – 60 Hrc.
  2. Ready mixed powders with cast tungsten carbide particles 40 - 80µ to give increased wear resistance.
    • These are atomised Nickel alloy powders containing Nickel, Chromium, Boron, and Silicon.
    • Boron and Silicon are good fixing elements.
    • Hardness values are dependent upon the Chromium-Boron-Silicon content.

    Flexible Electrode – Hardfacing Cord

    Cord composition:

    • Central metal core : 1.2mm diameter Nickel wire.
    • Matrix : Nickel based powder - hardness value 40Hrc (content 35%).
    • Cast or Spherical tungsten carbide particles – with grains of varying shapes and sizes – hardness value 2000 – 3000HV (content 65%)

    Again there are 2 basic types:

    1. Tenrock 2000 – Cord containing cast tungsten carbide : Good for wear resistance.
    2. Tenrock 3000 – Cord containing spherical tungsten carbide : Increased shock / impact resistance.

      Weld Properties

      • Dense homogeneous coating from 2 – 10mm thickness.
      • High wear resistance.
      • Good corrosion resistance.
      • Average density 13.6 kg/dm3.
      • Easily applied by any competent welder.